Tata Steel Europe

The second-largest steel producer in Europe


Project description

Tata Steel had a requirement for their staff to have the ability to send out personalised Christmas cards through a web-based platform.

Infobox created a bespoke environment which allowed an animated card to be displayed along with a custom message.

A secure admin system allowed the staff to create, preview and send these cards to their clients by emails. The database allows various statistics to be captured, tracking usage of the system during the Christmas period

This year we extended the platform, enabling video content to be displayed and allowing compatibility with mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Technical details

  • Bespoke management platform using ASP.NET / MS SQL
  • Flash with Actionscript 3.0 for animated card display
  • JW Player for movie clip integration
  • Bespoke analytics
  • Hosting and support of application during Christmas period

The project

Client: Tata Steel Europe
Weblink: www.tatasteeleurope.com