Sovereign Play Equipment

The largest provider of school ground developments in the UK


Project description

Sovereign Design Play Systems use an array of database driven applications to power their business.

Infobox have helped support these legacy applications as their IT infrastructure develops - for example troubleshooting compatiblity issues with hardware and OS upgrades.

Simultaneously, Infobox has been working on migrating blocks of functionality away from their current applications and into powerful, web-based solutions.

Although this migration is a long-term project, so far our work has been a real success and has created a platform for rolling out administrative applications to end-users in a far more efficient manner.

Instead of installing files on each machine in their offices, our web-based application can be accessed through a browser and secure log-in - a huge saving in time and money.

Technical details

  • Support and maintenance of existing MS Access based legacy systems
  • Access connectivity across a range of OS including XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Migration of MS Access applications to web-based solution implementing ASP.NET / MS SQL
  • Bespoke document management interface with custom file upload

The project

Client: Sovereign Play Equipment

The client says

"Infobox were recommended to us from our IT systems support company to help us develop and convert our current slow and tired Microsoft Access client database systems. After a meeting at our premises and a quick demonstrating of our current systems they quickly provided a solution of converting our databases to a web based system which not only improved the speed of the system it gave us the ability to increase its functionality and link us remotely with our field staff. With a seamless installation and friendly support we have now agreed to develop other databases which will result in reducing , time, money and file storage on our server"

Paul Jacques
General Manager, Sovereign Design Play Systems Ltd